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Chocolate's in Italy

In 3rd grade my family and I went on vacation to Itay to visit my relatives. Every day we would walk up a hill. At the end was a well; we would fill the jugs up with water and then bring them back to my Zia's house. When walking back, we stoped at a corner store. My dad surprised me with a little chocolate egg and in the center was a puzzle. looking back at it feels as if it was a dream.

- This story took place on 01/08/2009. By Dreamer from (United States of America)

Meanest poster

I put my friend on the meanest poster, absolutely destroying him. He fell to the ground and all he could do was look up and see me standing over him. He died that night.

- This story took place on 11/10/2015. By Carlos from (United States of America)

I Met Someone

I met a beautiful woman , thru a dating site , i believe god has answered my prayers time will tell so far we held hands and kissed

- This story took place on 13/12/2016. By Bruce from (United States of America)

All the Best Men

After randomly meeting a Finnish couple we ended up living together for a year. After that we moved to different homes, but remained good friends... Recently they had to travel back to Finland, potentially forever (I thought this was going to be a worst day story). I just got an email from them along with a wedding invitation as a best man!

So excited that distance won't kill our friendship :)

- This story took place on 13/01/2016. By Broseo from (Australia)

Victory at the Pub

My friend and I were playing pool at the pub. I did very well for a beginner.

- This story took place on 14/03/2016. By Mobey from (Canada)

Weight off my shoulders

I was struggling with coming out generally, but had decided that my dad was the best place to start. This failed miserably with us getting into an argument about something else, and exchanging very harsh words. I was consoled by my sister and best friend who i then revealed my secret to, who also both assured me dad would be fine. Take 2, and the first time i spoke to dad after our argument, i sat him down and told him i was gay. He said he loved me no matter what, and apologised for our previous argument. He came through, like he always does, even though he may not have agreed or understood, he loved me and the rest didn't matter. On that day i knew that even if i lost all of my friends, as feared, it would be ok.

- This story took place on 10/11/2011. By Marty from (Australia)

Lifelong Commitment

My little sister chose to be baptized and make a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It's a day I never considered happening while growing up. I was so proud to see her in all white, brave and sparkling, as she walked into the water. A great feeling, like shining bubbles, filled me up.

- This story took place on 30/01/2016. By Suzy from (United States of America)

Baby Born - World Changed

As soon as I saw the head of my baby girl pop out of my partner my life changed forever. Staring at the head of my little girl I couldn't hold back the streams of tears. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed. This was the birth of my new life. Blinkin' awesome!

- This story took place on 03/07/2014. By Swah HUntA from (Australia)

The Little Things

Well the day started with a nice sleep-in.
I spent most of it reading but I took time out for the 3 main meals and a little bit of Facebook, I've started wishing people happy birthday when its their turn via pm :)
Anyway so that day I managed to finish off the last 70 or so pages of a book that I picked up at a second hand book store called The Consolations of Philosophy which was really nice (apparently Philosophy has something to be with being happy or at least content), and I did some other reading too.
Something else I did that day, was I got to reflecting about what I was grateful for, and picked the last 4 years as a timezone for that activity. I enjoyed that, and I didn't exhaust myself with it, it was just a short thing. The truth is and I don't know if you could call it extreme luck, but I've stumbled into some pretty brilliant places and been welcomed there these past years. Then I can think about the times that I've made those kind of places where I can welcome others. Its like building homes but without all the bricks and mortar. That's one of the ways I try and do life. Share the love, and treat people like family (when they deserve it)
Chocolate helps make a day good too, but only when its eaten with the right spirit, maybe good music helps set the mood.
Sometimes you can make a best day, out of an ordinary one, its a tricky piece but I like to try.

- This story took place on 03/01/2016. By zac from (Australia)

Clean & Sober

It didn't feel like the best day at the time but it is in retrospect.

This was my first day clean and sober. I didn't know how long it would last or if it would make the madness in my head stop. All I knew is that I couldn't go on living anymore with the torment in my mind. The night before, when I took my last drug, I realised that I had to stop all of it or I was going to die, most likely by my own hand.

This was my first day of complete surrender.

Every single good thing I have in my life exists because I've stayed clean and sober since that day.

- This story took place on 04/07/2009. By Nic from (Australia)


This website is still really new, so we don't have lots of posts yet. Why not write one yourself?

Goodbye World as we know it.

So Americans like mindless sheep watching a teality show voted Donald Trump as President of the United States. Since then I’ve watched him dismantle every policy our former president championed whether it was good or bad. He has systematically declared war on the most vulnerable of citizens, the poor, sick , children, elderly and people of color. He has empowered white supremacy and male chauvinist and violence all across our land. I never imagined attacks on the free press, healthcare and education happening on our great country. We are experiencing how Nazi Germany began. We can’t trust our neighbors much less our government. God help us all.

- This story took place on 20/11/2016. By Scarlett from (United States of America)

When reality does not depend on me

I read about trials and tribulations of people. Or about wonderful happenings. People trying to make sense of their lives, improve, move on, be happy. Obviously all of that depends on them, on the individual.
My plight is different. All my decisions, all my sense of reality, all my earnings, all my plans, everything I do, does not depend on me. It is no my life.
It is the life of my two grown children. What happens to them sends me to pit of hell if they are going through hell, or to the top of the mountain if something goes well for them.

My life is a roller coaster, but I cannot get off. I am not in control and if anyone is, it must be a sadistic person. This is not my worse day ever. This is my worse life ever. It is my entire life.
Oh I know when I get off the rollercoaster, when I die. But what am I going to find on the other side? the worse eternity ever?

- This story took place on 09/03/2016. By Mom from (Canada)

great expectations

enough is never enough. although it seems you work your way through trials and tribulations, for some reason, there are those who just do not get the message.

i find myself struggling with reality these days only because i am not focused on one thing. trying to be epic is a matter of setting goals and realistic expectations. my rules are often strict, especially when i know i need that added structure to keep me focused. other times i can just ‘shuck it’ and hope for the best. over the years i have focused on letting things go but with great difficulty i find myself here again. i am the creator of my own destiny, living as i choose, doing what i need to keep sane and yet there are times when people distract that wonderful alignment.

let it go…


it is those times when a great expectation lives in the moment. but who am i trying to please?

- This story took place on 06/06/2016. By epicreality from (Canada)

Worst Day? Worst Weeks, Months Rather

Someone made me feel special for the past few months, then suddenly, he left me hanging and I have to act like I don't care at all.

He's my coworker by the way.

- This story took place on 08/01/2016. By Reussir from (Phillipines)

Reflections on "The Most"

This post isn't about the best or worst day that I've already experienced, but a question about the "most" days of our lives in general.

I'm 31 years old. If I'm lucky I'm only one-third of the way through my life. Chances are I'm probably closer to half-way and maybe, who knows, I'm closer to the end than I realise. But, the question I have is at what point are each of us going to experience our best or worst day? Have we already lived through them or are they yet to come?

At what stage of our lives do we experience our deepest love, our most violent rage, our loftiest high and most shattering low?

What if I've already experienced my starkest emotions and the rest of my days are destined to be some muted version of feelings I've already felt?

I'm not scared that the best and worst days might lie in the mystery of my future, but that they're already in my past.

- This story took place on 06/01/2016. By Lee from (Australia)


The worst day for me, maybe so far, (although time can do strange things to worst days) happened quite recently.

I had a university exam in the evening and when I got on a train to go into the university, I decided to give my mind a break from preparation and let my mind wander, but it wandered into memories of recent distressing situations, that I had blocked out and I began to feel upset.

The feelings got worse and by the time I reached university I had a huge lump in my throat that stayed there until found a computer where I decided to write my thoughts down, so I did and then sent an email about them to a trusted person. The rest of the day was fine in its normality, but I couldn't focus my mind to study or sit the exam and the person I reached out too advised I seek counseling so I did.

These were the things that brought me to sadness: un-diagnosed cancer, had been identified in the extended family. A sense of loneliness, that came about through ongoing isolation and separation from my family and friends (though only for a short period).

Perhaps the biggest affector though was this feeling of.. 'unaccomplishment' that linked to the following - I had made time to explore my local world and be open to new experiences, joining some of the many communities that exist within the university setting, through this I met many new acquaintances, some of whom I developed light-friendships with, but who knows if these will become long-lasting or more meaningful, at the time I did not, I never do. They didn't seem like the people I could ask for help from.. or just talk too when you need too. anyway I also offered my energy to causes that I deemed worthy. In all of this activity, one key goal that I had set for myself was waylaid in the process - I had not given myself enough time to prepare well for my exam.. This incongruency of my goal and my reality distressed me.

I think I'll wrap up here somewhere and say I got past it, my worst day. now I'll have a go at writing about my most recent best day :)

- This story took place on 04/11/2015. By zac from (Australia)

The Worst Birthday

It's my birthday and my wife has told me she wants a divorce as she has found someone else. We've been separated for a few years but maintained a mutual desire to somehow fix it. The agony has been drawn out instead of being dealt with it as soon as we separated. I'm now trying to cope with the end of my marriage and my wife being with someone else. Today is the worst day of my life.

- This story took place on 05/01/2016. By Steve from (Australia)


The day I moved out.

Boxes packed into a corner.

Sleeping human in a separate room.

Uncertain future and age creeping indelibly closer.

A black hole where sleep should be.

- This story took place on 19/09/2012. By Anonymous from (United Kingdom)

Back To Reality

I had been running from feeling lonely and rejected for over a week. Whenever I felt those emotions I would distract myself with sex or drugs and escape the pain.

After a week, they caught up to me and I was brought crashing back to reality. The pain was huge; I didn't know how I could handle it...I felt it would kill me. It was one of the worst afternoons of my life. I screamed at everyone who couldn't be there for me. I physically exhausted myself by throwing things, frantically racing around my apartment trying to convince myself that I wasn't alone, and screaming abuse at anyone I could.

Eventually I was so exhausted that I collapsed on my bed, and lay there feeling those feelings I had been running from. I was too tired to do anything else but experience them. It hurt, and I hated it, but slowly I felt calmer and more in control. I fell asleep, and the next morning I felt a bit better.

- This story took place on 01/03/2015. By Jeremy from (Australia)

Not a Big Thing

It's the first morning of work for the year. Surely that counts as one of the worst days...? Lol

- This story took place on 04/01/2016. By Terry from (Australia)