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What's been the best or worst day of your life?

For someone out there in the world, today is the best day of their life. For someone else, today is the worst day of their life.

Best Day / Worst Day is a celebration and commiseration of all the good and bad days; the loves and loses; the achievements and challenges. It's a reminder to cherish the good days when they’re around and that the bad days are not only temporary, but also an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Latest Best Day Post

Chocolate's in Italy

In 3rd grade my family and I went on vacation to Itay to visit my relatives. Every day we would walk up a hill. At the end was a well; we would fill the jugs up with water and then bring them back to my Zia's house. When walking back, we stoped at a corner store. My dad surprised me with a little chocolate egg and in the center was a puzzle. looking back at it feels as if it was a dream.

- This story took place on 01/08/2009. Posted by Dreamer ( United States of America )

Latest Worst Day Post

When reality does not depend on me

I read about trials and tribulations of people. Or about wonderful happenings. People trying to make sense of their lives, improve, move on, be happy. Obviously all of that depends on them, on the individual.
My plight is different. All my decisions, all my sense of reality, all my earnings, all my plans, everything I do, does not depend on me. It is no my life.
It is the life of my two grown children. What happens to them sends me to pit of hell if they are going through hell, or to the top of the mountain if something goes well for them.

My life is a roller coaster, but I cannot get off. I am not in control and if anyone is, it must be a sadistic person. This is not my worse day ever. This is my worse life ever. It is my entire life.
Oh I know when I get off the rollercoaster, when I die. But what am I going to find on the other side? the worse eternity ever?

- This story took place on 09/03/2016. Posted by Mom ( Canada )

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